Disclaimer: This website is not in any way affiliated with the RWVA Appleseed Shoot. I am creating this site for one reason. And that is to help save America. The goal of this website is to help provide all of the necessary information for the first time Appleseed Attendee. With the information contained in this Appleseed prep page, my hope is that all Appleseed attendees will gain the most from their Appleseed experience; thus leave with the proper tools to spread the skills, knowledge, and attitude of the American Rifleman.

To get the most out of an Appleseed Shoot – As in life, preparation is a must. The below PDF's and links are packed with helpful information designed to facilitate learning at an Appleseed Shoot. So whatever you do; use all the materials to your advantage. To begin your adventure into the world of the Rifleman, just watch the Army Training film (below), print out the PDF's, and check out all of the links.

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Appleseed Made Easy


The first RWVA Appleseed Boot Camp in Ramsuer, NC. -- August 2006


Appleseed Primer in PDF
The Appleseed Primer contains many of the basics that you will encounter at an Appleseed Shoot. Know this “primer” like the back of your hand. Literally, know the six steps to firing a shot forwards and backwards! If you know the entire Appleseed Primer, you will be way ahead of the curve. Note: This pdf does not include the "come ups" for the 5.56x45, I've included them here: 2-3-3-4-4-5-5-6-6 from 100 to 1000yds. These numbers are only approximations for mil spec ammo; short barreled carbines, barrels over 20", and special loads will differ.

Fred's Shooting Tips and Errors
The all knowing Fred does it again. Here he gives just another bit of Rifleman wisdom. This is a must for all Appleseed attendees! Learn or Burn!

Red Coat training targets in PDF
The Red Coat target PDF is for practice before you get to the Appleseed Shoot. It'll give you a good idea what you're up against. Note: Shoot the 100 yard target standing, the 200 yard target sitting or kneeling, and the three, four, and five hundred yard targets in prone. All distances are simulated by the the size of the target. They are all shot at 25 meters or 82 feet. Have fun!

What You Need to Bring PDF
These suggestions are from the school of hard knocks, refuse to oblige at your own peril. Note: The GI Web Sling (known as the m14 or Garand web sling) is an absolute must have item. And also bring some large ziplock bags for ammo/magazines if it rains.

The Liberty Training Rifle
Haven't you heard? Liberty has it's own Rifle! Read all about the RWVA's "Liberty Training Rifle".

Get your Mind, Body, and Rifle in shape today!
Yes, attending an Appleseed Shoot can be a grueling event if you are not prepared. Here is where you'll learn how to prepare your Mind, Body, and Rifle.

The Sam Woodfill Story
Warning: After reading this you'll be shooting German machine gunners and snipers in your sleep!

Manual of Interpretation PDF
This is a simple guide created E. Stewart Rhodes. It was created to help accurately interpret the Constitution. This guide gives a clear understanding as to why we have the Bill of Rights. And in a concise way uses that information to help you to interpret Constitution as our founders intended.

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The RWVA Appleseed Website
This is the link to the official Appleseed website.

The Appleseed Schedule
This is the link to the official Appleseed Schedule.

--This site is currently under construction. And I am nowhere near finished. I will be reviewing the many helpful posts on the The Appleseed forum. After culling all the information you will see upgrades to this website. Thanks, Mike

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